Registration Information

How do I sign up to receive alerts?

Registration for Essex Regional Alerts is done through the portal at the bottom of this page. You must register for the system and create a username and password if you do not already have one. Once you complete registration and a username and password have been created, you may then login and click on "+add subscriptions" in the portal and select any list you wish to subscribe to.  Only active lists will be available when you login.  Check back later for more information.


What type of notifications will I receive when I sign up for alerts?

You will receive the type of information for the community you select.  You may also receive system messages from time to time by email informing you of changes, updates, or new lists available to sign up for.  You may also receive a phone call or text message for critical system messages such as if some type of action is needed to continue receiving alerts and notifications.


I have a Swift911 account from another community, do I need to register here too?

Even if you have a Swift911 portal from another region or account, you must use the portal on the Essex Regional ALERTS page, though your existing username and password may be utilized.


Types of Notifications & Alerts

Emergency Notifications

These are critical notifications of life safety events that may require persons near the event in question to take specific life safety actions.  Examples may include evacuating a specific area, refrain from accessing a particular area, shelter-in-place, or lockdown.  The specifics of each scenario may be different, so residents are encouraged to read instructions carefully and refer to their local Emergency Management Agency and visit the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency website for more information.


Nonemergency Municipal Information

From time to time, local municipalities may choose to distribute nonemergency information relevant to each particular town.  Such information may include parking bans, transportation issues, major local events, anticipated traffic disruptions, changes to hours of town services, etc.  Each town may choose to implement this how they wish.


Severe Weather Information

The National Weather Service issues watches, warnings, and advisories from time to time.  Essex Regional 911 makes many of these pertinent notifications available automatically for all of Essex County by following on Twitter.  You can also sign up to receive only the severe "warnings" by subscribing to the "Essex County MA Severe Weather List" through the portal.  These alerts are delivered via email and text only.

You may also subscribe to the "Essex County MA Urgent Life Safety Notifications" list which will not provide severe warnings such as winter storms, etc., but will notify you of some alerts which require immediate action for life safety.  These are delivered by phone, text, and email.

Included in Urgent Life Safety Notifications: Avalanche Warning, Ashfall Warning, Civil Danger Warning, Civil Emergency Message, Earthquake Warning, Flash Flood Warning, Hazardous Materials Warning, Local Area Emergency, Radiological Hazard Warning, Shelter In Place Warning, Tornado Warning, Tsunami Warning, Tsunami Advisory, Typhoon Watch, Volcano Warning. 

9-1-1 Helpful Tips Information

Follow us on Twitter for brief helpful information about 9-1-1, tips for emergencies, weather preparedness, and information about community incidents that may be of interest to residents and affiliates of Essex County and surrounding areas.  Further information can be obtained by subscribing to our blog.

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