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The Essex Regional Alerts system, powered by Swift 911™, is the primary alerting system for the following communities in Massachusetts: Amesbury, Essex, Middleton, Topsfield, and Wenham.  Additionally, weather notifications are available for all of Essex County.  Anyone may subscribe to or receive these alerts and notifications.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Currently, these Alerts are in a pilot phase, and only the following lists are active at this time:

1) Emergency notifications in Wenham and

2) Both emergency and non-emergency notifications in the City of Amesbury.


You need to sign up for an Essex Regional Alerts Swift911 account to register for any of the lists.  You can do this by clicking on "Register" under any one of the lists you wish to subscribe to.  Once you complete registration and you have a username and password, you may then click on "Register" under any of the other lists and enter your username and password.